The Difficulties of Being Gifted

gifted difficult

In the world of misnomers, the term “gifted” ranks high. True, understanding concepts way above one’s age-level or creating insightful works most adults couldn’t dream of can bring deep satisfaction to the gifted child. But what about the isolation? The intensities that drive away potential friends? The difficulty finding people … Continue reading

Gifted 2E Kids: What Makes Them Twice-Exceptional

Being gifted can be its own challenge, but many gifted kids face additional hurdles which can mask or hamper their potential. Join these twice-exceptional kids and their families as they learn that the challenges that they face are what will help them soar. ~~~~~~ Blessed by our Twice Exceptional Homeschooled … Continue reading

Recognizing Giftedness in Our Children and Ourselves

Recognizing Giftedness

Recognizing the giftedness in our children often leads to our seeing the giftedness in ourselves. Follow these stories of parents as they recognize the giftedness in their children and then realize that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. ~~~~~~ 2e in the Family – Loving the Alien in … Continue reading

Educating Gifted Children: The Many Ways We Approach Their Learning

educating gifted children: the many ways

  Just as gifted children’s abilities and interests vary widely, so do the educational options that work for each child. Read our latest blog hop to discover the approaches that have worked for gifted and 2e families, and those that haven’t. Look to our bloggers’ suggestions for ways to tweak … Continue reading

Discovering the Depth and Breadth of Giftedness

depth and breadth of giftedness

  The breadth and depth of giftedness is often overlooked by those who equate it with high scores and academic achievement. But the variety of learning preferences and high likelihood of asynchrony or multiple diagnoses means that one-size-fits-all gifted education programs do not adequately cover the needs of these kids. In … Continue reading