Membership – Why Should I Join?

GHF: Gifted Homeschoolers Forum is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization that works to educate and advocate for gifted and 2e families, regardless of educational choice. Our membership includes families and professionals from six continents, supporting local communities, while creating a connected global network. Questions? Contact Membership

Our work includes:

* Providing a well-regarded and extensive website with resources and articles from parents and experts, free informational brochures, blogs, and more.

* Maintaining an online community for support and advice.

* Reaching out through a multitude of social media outlets, where we distill and share cutting-edge information, offer support and advice, and help families and professionals from around the globe with gifted and 2e issues.

* Publishing books through GHF Press filled with information, education ideas, and humor.membership

* Offering unique and engaging online classes through GHF Online geared to the needs of 2e students.

* Sponsoring events with nationally known speakers, including our own advisors, staff, and partners.

* Supporting other organizations in creating local communities.

Everyone is welcome at GHF! You do not have to be homeschooling, and we will not ask for proof of giftedness. We trust you to know if this is the right place for yourself and your children.  Because parenting and education collide at the intersection of giftedness and 2e, our members represent the great diversity of educational and parenting options, including teachers and traditional school families. We are here to help families and professionals better understand gifted and 2e kids and navigate the options available to this community, so that they can come up with the best education program available for the individual child and family, adapting as needed.

Our annual budget is small, and we do our best to keep it that way. Your membership fees and contributions are used to cover our costs and help us reach families and professionals like you.


For more information on becoming a member and on levels and benefits of membership (including institutional members!), click here!


"GHF is a valuable resource that reflects relevant issues confronting gifted families and offers precious support and understanding to its members." -- Anne

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