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Welcome to GHF Online, an online education program from Gifted Homeschoolers Forum geared to the needs and interests of gifted students. Our small online classes provide abundant opportunities for interaction between students and instructors. Our classes offer students the opportunity to learn advanced, interdisciplinary content without being overburdened by heavy workload demands. GHF Online is 2e-friendly and willing to work with you to make reasonable accommodations for your child's individual needs.

GHF Online serves students from around the world offering courses in Mythology, Minecraft Math, Critical Thinking, Literature of Identity and Belonging, Intro to Astrobiology, Latin, Music Appreciation, Current Events,GHF Online meme logo2 Dr. Who Project Based Learning, and more. Classes meet weekly or monthly in a fully equipped online classroom featuring video chat, whiteboard, screen share, file sharing and more.

We offer original curriculum designed by the  instructors who teach it.  Our instructors are passionate professionals committed to sharing the subjects they love with their students. Course fees, which are far lower than other comparable programs, compensate our instructors with just a small fraction going to support other GHF programs. Get to know them!


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Read testimonials from our students:

"Environmental History gave me a fascinating view into the relationship between humans and the environment over time. I enjoyed the intellectual engagement and in-depth reading materials, and will certainly be applying the information to future classes and careers. Todd Carney teaches best online and presents high expectations, but it is always fun to take a class with my favorite history teacher!"

Madeline, age 16

This civics class was the most fun I’ve had in a classroom environment in my entire life. Being able to voice my opinions with open-minded students and a fair-minded teacher is something I’d never experienced before. The class gave me a new, broader perspective on American and global politics. Breaking governments and economic systems down into their components gave me an understanding of how societies function.

Ms. O’Melia is engaging, clever, kind, and an all-around excellent professor. She creates a discussion environment that is open, exploratory and safe for all participants. The material she provided was challenging enough to make me think, but not so much so that I slaved away hours into the night working on an assignment.

In this class I gained knowledge that will probably stay with me for many years to come. Ms. O’Melia gave her students all the information and reinforcement they needed to participate in political, economical, and historical discussions.

- Luke Myers, age 12

GHF Online is a division of Gifted Homeschoolers Forum. For more information, contact Susanne Thomas, Director of Online Education.

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