Meet GHFO Instructor Christy Knockleby

minecraftcourseThough I've blogged about Minecraft Math extensively, the idea of doing an online math course about Minecraft was a surprise to me, a suggestion from Susanne Thomas, the organizer of the online courses. Yet as soon as I began to consider the idea, I was delighted by all the possibilities that jumped into my mind.

The basic patterns of Minecraft readily lend themselves to mathematics exploration. Paper is crafted in sets of three, stairs in sets of four, etc. Shift-clicking on a stack of goods divides the stack in half, and doing it repeatedly allows one to explore negative exponents. Minecraft offers many great practice minecraft fractions 2activities for familiarizing oneself with the multiplication table. Asking the area and volume of a building are obvious mathematical questions, but does one count the walls of a building as part of the volume or not?

Over the years, my children and I have enjoyed exploring all sorts of recreational mathematics activities, from playing logic games to learning about graph theory, and the Minecraft Math course is no exception. Using narratives, we will probe the world of Minecraft and of mathematics. Student ability and interest will drive this course, adding depth and understanding to your normal math curriculum.

christyFor more information on Christy Knockleby's Minecraft Math course or the many other courses offered by GHF Online, please go to




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