From the Board President, Corin Goodwin: 10 Years Ago!

Ten years ago, a group of parents felt frustrated at the lack of understanding and resources available for kids like theirs. Though they didn’t actually know what “kids like theirs” meant at that time, although clearly something different was happening. The needs of their children were difficult or impossible to … Continue reading

From the GHF Board: Bullying and the Gifted Child

Giftedness. It’s a word that I stumbled over for three decades, largely because my own asynchronous development got me kicked out of a gifted program. (I was invited back later, but declined.) Because gifted children and teens were underserved back then, I never learned that the existential angst and anxiety, … Continue reading

From the GHF Board: From small beginnings

by Eleen Kamas, PhD GHF Board Member Many years ago, some young parents got together so their babies could play, and in their conversations, they talked about the future education of their children: “Which schools are the best in the area, public or private?” or “What about schooling at home (what a strange … Continue reading

From the GHF Board: The evolution of gifted parents

by Anne Beneventi GHF Board Member Gifted families are as varied as neurotypical families, but certain common themes present themselves. Last century, when I first began consulting with families of gifted children, one primary question from parents was, “How can I help my child fit in to school?” Over time, … Continue reading