Dear GHF: What to consider when thinking about homeschooling

Dear GHF, We barely made it through the school year with our 11-year-old son. I’m wondering if I can face another year of battling with the school for accommodations and appropriate work for my twice-exceptional boy. Is it too late to consider homeschooling in the fall? I’m still researching my … Continue reading

Dear GHF: Does my child need an occupational therapist?

Dear GHF, Recently, my child was evaluated for kindergarten readiness. Despite his ability to read Magic Treehouse books on his own and his fascination with the relationship among mathematical functions, we were told he was not yet ready and that we should have him evaluated by an Occupational Therapist. I don’t … Continue reading

Dear GHF: When children’s interests turn from love to boredom

Dear GHF, I’m homeschooling my three elementary school aged kids. The current problem is the middle one. Every time I sit down with my six-year-old boy and talk about classes to take, he gets very excited. He wants to enroll in martial arts, drawing, Lego Robotics—pretty much everything sounds good … Continue reading

Dear GHF: When learning differences interfere with learning experiences

My head is about to explode. My son is gifted, very sensitive, and talks incessantly. I enrolled him in a computer summer camp. Turns out, the teacher is very strict about behavior, and my son just can’t stop talking during “work time.” I understand that his constant talking means that his brain is turned on and he is engaged Continue reading