Gifted Children: Transitioning Between Public School and Homeschool

transition to school

Many families find themselves transitioning between school and homeschooling to better meet the needs and celebrate the quirkiness of their gifted children. What challenges do these families face? How do they make the most of their new lives? What advice do they have for those families considering the change? —– … Continue reading

Gifted and Twice-Exceptional: Revisiting 2E Issues

revisiting 2e

Revisiting 2E Issues The issues that come with giftedness and twice-exceptionality never really disappear. We all need refresher courses on how to best support and cope with gifted and 2e issues. Learn how to create an environment where the gifted/2e people in your life can thrive. —– 2e: All I … Continue reading

The Difficulties of Being Gifted

gifted difficult

In the world of misnomers, the term “gifted” ranks high. True, understanding concepts way above one’s age-level or creating insightful works most adults couldn’t dream of can bring deep satisfaction to the gifted child. But what about the isolation? The intensities that drive away potential friends? The difficulty finding people … Continue reading

When Homeschooling Your Gifted Child Becomes a Drag: My Best Tips

Ah, homeschooling! The fun! The togetherness! The freedom! The challenges! The drudgery! The exhaustion! Everyone needs to change up their game once in a while. Try something new. Get outside that comfort zone. Recharge those homeschooling batteries. If homeschooling your gifted child has you in a rut, check out these … Continue reading

Navigating Family Life When Gifted Traits Collide

when gifted traits collide

Navigating Family Life When Gifted Traits Collide. Giftedness comes with intensities, high needs, and special needs. Activities and moments other families take for granted can become a planning nightmare when a gifted child, or two, is involved. Conflicting needs can lead to strained relationships between siblings and parents. How can … Continue reading

Gifted Children and The Role of Mentors

Gifted Children and the Role of Mentors. Gifted children’s highly honed, often quirky interests can quickly outpace a parent’s ability to teach, much less even understand, the concepts. Time to find mentors! Mentors work alongside gifted children, inspiring them, challenging them, and, maybe even more important, validating them. Check out GHF’s latest … Continue reading

Gifted Children: Academic and Career Planning Beyond K-12

Gifted Children: Academic and Career Planning Beyond K-12. Many gifted children take alternative educational paths, often with support and scaffolding all the way. But their need for intellectual challenge and their asynchronous development do not end simply because they’re ready for college or a career. In the the latest GHF Blog Hop, … Continue reading

Gifted Children: The Importance of Finding Intellectual Peers and Community

Gifted Children: The Importance of Finding Intellectual Peers and Community. All kids need friends, but asynchrony exacerbates the challenge of finding a like-minded peer. Intellectual, emotional and developmental differences, societal misperceptions, and more may contribute to a sense of loneliness even in the midst of a group of age peers. Read the … Continue reading

Choosing Extracurricular Activities for Gifted Children with Overexcitabilities in Mind

Choosing Extracurricular Activities for Gifted Children with Overexcitabilities in Mind. Most kids want more than just work, work, work. They want to learn, play, and have fun! Finding the right fit for a gifted or twice-exceptional child can be challenging, since the same asynchronies and other quirks that present a challenge in … Continue reading