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Bridges Academy serves twice-exceptional (2e) students grades 4-12, students who are gifted or highly gifted but who also have learning or other differences. Bridges uses a strength-based, talent development-driven model to meet the intellectual, creative, and social-emotional needs of each student. Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Member
Mr. Gelston (1)Mr Gelston's One Room Schoolhouse provides a personal, one-on-one, live, online learning experience for gifted homeschoolers to learn math, progressing at their own pace from grades 3 through 8. Mr Gelston is a proud Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Member
seng-logoSupporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG) is dedicated to fostering environments in which gifted adults and children, in all their diversity, understand and accept themselves and are understood, valued, nurtured, and supported by their families, schools, workplaces and communities. Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Member
Mr. Gelston (1)Summit Center provides educational and psychological assessments, consultations, and treatment for children, their parents, and families. We work with all kids — including those who are gifted, those with learning challenges, and those who are both gifted and have challenges. Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Member
TheraThrive, owned and operated by Grace Malonai, Ph.D., LPCC, provides counseling and consulting services in the San Francisco area and beyond. We specialize in serving gifted, intense and highly sensitive children, teens, adults, couples, teams and families. Our slogan, "Don't just live your life, thrive in it!" describes our goal--we are here to help our clients thrive! We believe it is important to truly understand and connect with our clients in order to best help them learn emotional skills, improve communication, develop a keener understanding of themselves and others, and to be happier at school, work or in relationships. Dr. Grace Malonai, Ph.D., LPCC, DCC, is pleased to be a Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Member.
Institute for Mathematics & Computer Science (IMACS) Institute for Mathematics & Computer Science (IMACS) Institute for Mathematics & Computer Science (IMACS) helps gifted middle and high school students develop advanced logical reasoning and creative problem-solving skills. Independent learners thrive in IMACS' self-paced, online programs -- Elements of Mathematics: Foundations (EMF) and eIMACS. EMF covers Pre-Algebra through Precalculus, plus advanced topics. eIMACS offers university-level Mathematical Logic and Computer Science, including a College Board-approved course leading to the AP Computer Science A exam. Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Member
Online G3Guinevere’s Gifted Group ( offers interactive online classes in a range of junior high and high school subjects for gifted students who are seeking advanced coursework. G3 classes are grouped by skill level, rather than chronological age, to allow asynchronous learners to accelerate in individual subjects as needed. Unique assignment structures let students show what they know through various creative methods, allowing both proficient and emerging writers to succeed. Live peer interaction and discussion forums are woven into all classes to create a cohesive community of gifted learners. Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Member.
Hand in Hand Parenting is pleased to be a Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Member.
Big Minds was created to provide support and an appropriate education for 2e children. We offer IQ testing and cognitive function assessment through our assessment clinic, as well as an attachment-based, community focused school designed to give 2e students the time and support necessary to grow into thoughtful, articulate citizens. Our focus is on socio-emotional development that supports both cognitive and creative growth. Students and teachers are continually engaged in a passionate, reciprocal learning process. Our academic work is inquiry-based, dynamic, and follows student interests. Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Member.
 gro_logo_r2v1_colorGifted Research and Outreach - GRO is a non-profit corporation, dedicated to the mission of promoting a comprehensive and accurate understanding of giftedness through research and outreach. In the completion of this mission, GRO is committed to: Researching the physiology of giftedness including brain anatomy, neurotransmitters, gastrointestinal sensitivities, genes, allergies, metabolism, microbiota, hormones and the nervous system; Educating medical, psychological and teaching professionals about the physical and psychological impacts of giftedness; Cultivating national outreach campaigns to correct myths and inspire social change so that the needs of gifted individuals may be openly discussed.
History At Our House combines the world’s first fully integrated and essentialized history curriculum with inspiring, expert distance teachers who demonstrate why, in Thomas Jefferson’s words, “History… is that knowledge most useful to us.” Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Member.
RR Kidz: Reading Rainbow is pleased to be a Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Member
EEME makes hands on projects and free online lessons to teach kids electronics, foster their curiosity for how things work, and prep them for the STEM opportunities of tomorrow.. Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Member.
home/school/life is pleased to be a Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Member.
National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) is a membership organization whose leaders support and develop policies and practices that encourage and respond to the diverse expressions of gifts and talents in children and youth from all cultures, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and socioeconomic groups. The NAGC networks, publications, and professional learning opportunities offer parents and educators invaluable resources to help all gifted children reach their potential. Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Member.
Your College Your Way, owned and operated by Lessa Scherrer, offers college admissions counseling and experience getting gifted homeschoolers into their best-fit colleges. Stay stress-free, organized and on track to college by subscribing to Custom College Plan, or upgrade to one of our traditional services, including essay writing, admissions planning, and comprehensive hand-holding. Lessa is delighted to have graduated from GHF parent to Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Member.
Wristlists is pleased to be a Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Member.
The Animation Course, offers online animation and drawing classes with Chad Stewart, a former Disney animator who began his career as an old fashioned hand-drawing animator (i.e., flipping pages), then switched to digital/computer animation over 15 years ago. Over the past 26 years, Chad has animated for Walt Disney Feature Animation and Sony Pictures. The Animation Course teaches online animation and drawing classes to 11 - 18 year olds who might be interested in pursuing animation as a career or simply learning the animation art form for pleasure. Become a Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Member.
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