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While schools serve a critical role in our society, not every school is the right fit for every child. Alternative education - homeschooling, charter and online programs, and more - can work well for gifted and 2e children, providing an experience tailor-made to their individual intellectual, social, and emotional needs.

As the number of gifted and 2e families seeking alternatives has grown, so has the need for identifying resources and relevant information, as well as connecting with families in similar situations. Additionally, the professionals who work with gifted and 2e children require up-to-date research to best serve this community.

Partner with GHF explains how GHF operates and how financial support from partners, sponsors, and other sources helps us achieve our mission to support, educate, and advocate for gifted and 2e children, their families, and the professionals who serve them, as they pursue alternative, lifelong educational paths. Learn how your organization can be a part of the solution.


The Gifted Homeschoolers Forum (GHF) is a 501(c)3 which supports gifted and 2e families and the professionals who work with them in the United States and around the world, through education, advocacy, community, and outreach.


Vision:       A world where all children are understood and supported in their strengths and challenges, and families are respected in their educational approaches.

Mission:    GHF supports, educates and advocates for gifted and twice exceptional children, their families, and the professionals who serve them, as they pursue alternative, lifelong educational paths.


  1. To provide families and professionals with the online forum and opportunity to network and exchange ideas and resources
  2. To link interested families with information and resources, allowing them to make the best parenting and educational choices for their children
  3. To increase awareness and promote acceptance of the wide variety of alternative educational options for gifted and twice exceptional children
  4. To advance an understanding of learning as an ongoing, integral part of life.
  5. To advocate for gifted and twice exceptional children as needed
  6. To network with other education-related entities and professionals in support of these goals


Geographic area served: Everywhere.

Who is GHF?


Who is GHF? explains our approach to giftedness as geared towards the whole child, including not just intellectual giftedness, but also the social, emotional, and sensory intensities and asynchronies that are part of the package. It also addresses why homeschooling is a good option for many gifted and 2e families, and how we can help you.     GHF español Folleto

Learn about GHF in our brief video below:

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If you are already a supporting or institutional member, thank you. Now, won’t you please consider sending in an additional tax-deductible donation? Your financial gift will support GHF’s worldwide outreach and advocacy on behalf of the gifted and 2e community.

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