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Anniversary Logo Final

Make a video sharing what GHF means to you!

Ten years ago, a small group of families, frustrated with the lack of information, support, and advocacy for gifted and 2e kids, got together and founded Gifted Homeschoolers Forum. From those humble beginnings, GHF has grown into an internationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to gifted/2e kids and their families, regardless of educational choice, and the professionals who work with them. Our advocacy has changed perceptions, our outreach has reached globally, and our community has pulled together and strengthened.o say we were overwhelmed by the love and support we felt at the GHF Meet & Greet event at the SENG Conference would be an understatement. The turnout was far greater than we’d hoped. The personal connections were deeper than we’d expected. And the affirmation of our mission was awe-inspiring.From a simple website and Yahoo group, GHF has grown into a powerful online presence, reaching nearly 300,000 people every week. People connect with us through Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, GHF Press, GHF Online, GHF Ambassadors, our blogs, our newsletter, local and regional support, our brochures, private groups for supporting members , and so much more. Our supporting membership has grown to include family and institutional memberships, reflecting the importance and reach of our work.

We reach hundreds of thousands of families every week. We’d love to be able to put together a few minutes from as many of you as possible to show how we have made a difference.

Will you help us?

To learn more, check out our brief video and make one of your own!


Focus on Twice Exceptional

Having trouble explaining “twice exceptional” to the people in your child’s life? Take a look at our new, FREE downloadable brochure, Twice Exceptional: Smart Kids with Learning Differences.


Check out our most recent Blog Hop!

Giftedness: Why It Matters

“A Gifted Child’s Owner’s Manual”, “Gifted Child, Gifted Parent”, and more.


GHF is excited to announce our new Premium Plus Institutional Membership!

GHF’s new Premium Plus Institutional Membership includes all the benefits of our Premium Institutional Membership, plus a Social Media Blast 4 times each year.

Now available for purchase: Interview with Corin Goodwin and Mika Gustavson


FALL 2014: Registration is closed!

Working on classes now!

Spring classes will be announced in mid-October 2014!



Gifted Homeschoolers Forum



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